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is the dominant threat to human health threat in the 21st century.

Smart solutions that will protect our kids and grow Vermont's economy are on the table.

Democracy is a participatory sport.

We need your voice to get this kick-started.

All of us share a common goal to protect the health and well-being of our families,

friends, and communities.  There are solutions that are good for all Vermonters.

Especially low income communities - where energy and health costs pose big challenges today. 

And, you can help right now!

Now, more than ever, action at the state level is critical.

Building on the policy work that the Vermont Legislature has undertaken for more than a decade,

we are asking all Vermonters to support accelerated development and adoption of state policies

that will mitigate this unfolding health disaster for our children and grandchildren.


As demonstrated by the rapid growth of clean energy jobs here at home, the emerging clean energy economy will create local jobs and support the long term economic strength of our communities.


 Our mission is to use our expertise to inform the public and lawmakers about the effects of climate change on human and animal health.  We believe  we must all work together to drive Vermont's carbon footprint down, including converting all energy use from fossil fuels to renewable sources, as quickly as possible. 

We encourage everyone to learn about the policies solutions being discussed in the State House, and to join in the discussion.

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