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Community Projects

The solution to reducing Vermont;s carbon footprint will happen community by community. VTCHA is working with a variety of groups across the state on local projects that will drive carbon pollution down.


One example was a collaboration between VTCHA, the UVM Medical School and the Vermont Public Health Association (VtPHA). The City of Burlington is working hard to implement a vision for increasing "active" transportation - getting people out of their cars and walking/biking. Our project gathered feedback from Burlington's residents about the plan, and create a set of health related messaging ideas designed to overcome barriers. Since 42% of Vermont's carbon footprint comes from transportation, cutting down on driving is a key part of the solution.

A similar project (again a collaboration between VTCHA, VtPHA and UVM) looked at local attitudes about carbon pricing. Again, the idea is to survey residents and develop

health based communication messaging that will bolster support.

Another project began that has been running for 18 months earlier is about helping communities understand the connections between climate change and health equity.

As we're seeing across the United States, the most vulnerable Vermonters

(the elderly, children, the poor and the chronically ill) are being hit first and hardest.

Three other community project proposals are being reviewed by potential partners and funders. More to come on these if we're successful in our efforts to build support.

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