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Health Benefits of TCI

October 30, 2020

12-1 PM

 Hosted by Sustainable Transportation Vermont (STV)

States throughout the Northeast are considering whether to join the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) as a way to help cut down carbon pollution from the transportation

sector. Part of the process involves looking at the public health benefits of TCI. This presentation will cover how that modeling is being done, and the latest results (released in early October). The presentation will provide an overview of the health impact modeling - including what aspects the approach examines, and what is left out and why. 

The talk will be presented by Dan Quinlan, an independent consultant who works on projects at the intersection of climate change, clean energy, and health. He has done projects for entities in the US and beyond  - including NGOs and health care systems. Dan is also the founder of the Vermont Climate and Health Alliance.

This is a public event, available via STV's Facebook events page.

You don't need to pre-register to attend.

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