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Across the planet, many people are working on solutions. "Project Drawdown" is a great place to learn about the best solutions - with summaries written in a way we can all understand.

Here in Vermont, about 2/3rds of our carbon pollution comes from the transportation and building sectors. That's clearly what we need to focus on. There are plenty of sensible, high impact ideas floating

around in the State House that will make serious headway in those two arenas.

(And will be good for Vermont's economy.)  The highest impact ideas include:

(a) putting more electric vehicles on the road,

(b) creating wider use of public transportation,

(c) lowering energy use in buildings,

(d) enacting a smart carbon pricing scheme,

(e) enacting a "Global Warming Solutions Act".

Countryside Wooden House
Bus Passengers
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If you're looking for information about ways to reduce the impact you and your family are having,

this article is a good place to learn more. When it comes to energy projects in your

home or at your business, the best place to start learning about energy efficiency programs is Efficiency Vermont. On the renwables sides, a place to start is the Renewable Energy Resource Center. As you look around, ask about rebates and low interest loans. Vermont has several programs.

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