We're a very small grassroots group. Over the more than 3 years we have been in existence, we have spent less than $10,000. (If you're wondering what we've done, head over to the Accomplishments page.)


We've got lots of plans going forward, but we need help to get them done.

You can easily donate with a credit card or using PayPal.

Just click the yellow button below.

Every penny received will be used to support the work of VTCHA.

Your donation will show up as going to -- VTCHA's 501(c)(3) 'fiscal sponsor'.

Depending on your tax situation, your donation may be tax deductible. 

Or,  mail a check to: SolaVida, 130 Northshore Dr., Burlington, VT 05408


We are grateful for grants we have received from the High Meadows fund,

and the New England Grass Roots Environment Fund.

If you have any questions, send us an e-mail.