New Year's

"Speak-Up" Resolution

"When we start to act, hope is everywhere. 

So instead of looking for hope, look for action.

Then hope will come."

Greta Thunberg

Here's the Deal...

Point #1: Vermont's greenhouse gas emissions have risen by 16% since 1990. We know what the big hitter sources are in Vermont - about 2/3rds of our carbon pollution comes from the transportation and building sectors.

Point #2: Vermont lawmakers say they aren't hearing from voters about climate change. So, nothing is happening. They literally say that 10, 20, 30 calls, letters, or e-mails will get their attention. Imagine what happens if they hear from hundreds of people, week after week?  (Go to our Solutions page to learn about ideas being discussed in the State House.)

Point #3: The legislative agenda is controlled by three people: the Governor, the Senate President, and the Speaker of the House. 



Contact these three legislators and tell them you want to see substantive action.

Wait a month (or less) and do it again for the next 5-6 months.

That's how long the legislative session will last.

On-Line Messaging Forms For:

The Governor

Speaker Johnson

Senate President Ashe


Suggested Message:

"Scientists are saying we have about a decade to get climate change under control, and protect our kids and our communities. It is time for Vermont to start passing legislation commensurate to the challenge. Small measures are no longer acceptable. Please enact legislation that deals with this problem NOW."

Democracy is a team sport.

Make a News Year's resolution to join in.

You'll be glad you did.