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Speak Up!
Support Smart Action on Clean Energy

A broad coalition of Vermont groups has put together a smart, high-impact, and equitable 2022 Environmental Agenda. You can read a 3-page summary by clicking here.


You can learn more about some of the ideas by reading these op-eds on transportation, the clean heat idea, and environmental justice. We're asking you to join us in supporting one or more of these ideas -- or all all of them.

When Vermont lawmakers get 10, 20, 30 calls about an issue, they notice. Imagine what will happen if they hear from hundreds of people, week after week, demanding bold and sustained action on climate change?

Please join us in speaking out. Send a message to Governor Phil Scott and your state legislators. Then, next week, do it again. Ask your friends and family to join you.

The Message

"Scientists are saying we have about a decade to get climate change under control so that we can protect our kids and our communities. It is time for Vermont to start passing legislation commensurate to the challenge. Small actions are simply a waste of time. Please adopt the ideas in the 2022 VT Environmental Common Agenda NOW.

Contact  Governor Scott

Contact your state legislators

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