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Between VTCHA and its partner organizations across Vermont, thousands of our members are on the front lines taking care of COVID-19 patients and trying to protect the rest of us.


Over the coming months, VTCHA will be working to see how we can help support our colleagues, and you can to. Here are some things you can do now:

  • Put a heart on your door, your car, your dog, wherever -- letting health care workers and others who may be exposed to the virus because of their work know you're thinking of them.

  • Write a card or send an e-mail to an medical personnel or others you know who are in high risk occupations.

  • Call someone you know in this situation, and ask if there's anything small you can do for them.

We're just getting started on our COVID-19 support response.  As ideas develop, we'll grab some and turn them into action. We'll do what we can to relay other good ideas we hear about to other entities who have the capacity to act.

Have an Idea?

Send us an e-mail with "Idea" in the subject line to:

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